Dicot Farm grows Certified Organic vegetables in Waldorf, MD – 25 miles south of Washington, DC.

Our Farming Philosophy
Our goal is to provide nutrient-dense foods to our neighbors to help them become healthier and happier, and create a more equitable and engaged community.

We are Certified Organic, but we consider our personal standards and ethics to be more conscientious than the National Organic Program. We believe in creating a harmonious ecosystem on our farm by increasing biodiversity, choosing renewable natural resources, and using less petroleum-based materials. We are building our land’s fertility using soil conservation practices including cover cropping, rotational grazing, reduced tillage, and stewardship of the soil food web.

Meet the Farmers
We are two people without farming backgrounds, but who have committed our lives to gaining this experience and continuously learning about how to farm better. Farmer Erik worked on several other farms in 2014, and 2015 marked our first season growing as Dicot Farm.

Farmers Meghan & Erik

What’s a dicot?
Dicot is short for dicotyledon, which is a seed that has two embryonic leaves or cotyledons. Basically, a dicot is the pair of itty bitty baby leaves that first pop out of a seed. We liked the name because there are two of us and we started farming just like dicots start growing – germinating a tiny seed of a dream and reaching out to absorb knowledge like dicots absorbing sunlight.

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