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13355 Poplar Hill Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601

We are selling our farm and looking for a buyer who would continue farming with Organic methods since it is ideally set up for that purpose. Located 30-45 minutes from the biggest farmers markets in the DC metro region, as well as numerous wholesale outlets with great demand for local produce, you could hit the ground running with all the assets you need for a successful farm venture. See below for details on property size, arable acreage, included infrastructure, and more!

Dicot Farm Background: We purchased the property in 2014 when it had mostly lay dormant since the previous owner ceased tobacco production in 1998. We quickly started turning over fields, improving soil conditions, buying equipment, and building infrastructure to support our farm business. We grew vegetables for farmers markets starting in 2015, getting our Organic Certification in 2017, and grew steadily every year while building our soil fertility. At our peak in 2021, we had just under 3 acres in production including 2 high tunnels. With 6.64 acres of total arable land, we were nowhere near the potential capacity of the land, and yet this was enough to supply 2 farmers markets, a 100-member CSA, and 3 small wholesale accounts.

To see more of our farm operation, check out some photos below and our social media: Facebook and Instagram. Please note: Our business brand and customer data are not for sale. Do not contact us through social media – we only reply to email:

Timeframe: We are looking for a buyer effective November 2021 with the goal to finalize the sale around March 2022. We plan to reside in the home on the property until March 2022, but are open to the future owner(s) starting to work on the land and using the barn and other farm structures/equipment once we are under contract for the property. We can also work with the future owner(s) on a temporary lease agreement should the purchasing process take longer, such as with securing an FSA Loan.

Asking Price: $525,000 = $450,000 for Real Property + $65,000 for Farm Personal Property + $10,000 for Farm Intellectual Property

The Real Property was appraised for $450,000 in October 2021. This includes the land, house, garages, and barn. We also have for sale Farm Personal Property which includes structures such as high tunnels, equipment like tractors and tractor implements, durable goods such as hand tools, and consumable goods such as drip irrigation and row covers. Basically, everything we’ve accumulated over the years to run a successful vegetable operation. 

Please see a general breakdown of asking price in the table below. We intend to sell the Real, Personal, and Intellectual Properties together as a package to a future buyer. If a buyer does not need certain tractor, durable, or consumable goods, we are happy to discuss. We can forward a copy of the full Appraisal and a full listing of the Personal Properties to anyone with a serious offer.

Real Property: Land, Home, Garages, Barn$450,000Based on appraisal conducted October 2021:
-1,092 sq ft 3 bedroom/1.5 bath home; built 1958 and in generally good shape; septic system replaced in 2021
-24.3 acres total; 10 acres wooded; 6.64 acres of arable fields inside deer fence (the deer fence encloses 13.34 acres)
-30×50 barn (built 2018); barn has 9×10 walk-in fridge, concrete floors with drains including a 1×10 sediment trough, water, and 100 amp electric including 110v and 220v outlets
Farm Infrastructure$32,000Based on fair market value:
-Two 95×30 high tunnels (built 2017 and 2019, full roll up end walls, gable vents)
-16×32 greenhouse (built 2015; 32,000 BTU hot water heated benches, screened roll-up sides, gable vents)
-16×45 shade hoophouse (built 2021)
-100×150 pond with gas-powered pump and pump house (pond dug 2017, pump house built 2020-2021)
-8 ft tall woven wire deer fence (expanded and improved in 2020)
Tractor and Implements$22,450Massey Ferguson 2615 2WD 2014 tractor with various implements such as rototiller, bush hog, cultivators, and plastic layer. Based on fair market value.
Farm Durable Goods$9,490Smaller equipment and tools such as Jang 3-row seeder, 5-torch flame weeder, harvest bins, shade cloth, pack area sinks and shelving, etc. Based on fair market value.
Farm Consumable Goods*$2,400Certified Organic fertilizers & potting mix, row cover, plastic mulch, etc. Based on fair market value.
*We are still inventorying some farm supplies and have not yet determined their fair resale value; these may be available for sale separately
Farm Intellectual Property$10,000-Organic Certification affidavit and related records (required for continued Organic or CNG Certification) 
-Annual soil tests since 2014
-Crop planting, fertilization, harvest records
-MD Nutrient Management Plan
-Sales records
-Select promotional services
-1 year consultation on farm systems, equipment operation, and soil fertility

Farm Financing Resources

There may be different types of loans needed to cover the appraised real property (mortgage or ownership loan) and the personal/intellectual property (operating loan).

If interested, please contact Erik de Guzman & Meghan Ochal by emailing: