Veggie Subscription CSA – Current Member Information

Here’s a link to the CSA Member Agreement that you agreed to by purchasing a CSA share. Please read below for more detailed logistics info and FAQs.

Pick Up Logistics


Due to the volume of CSA members and because we have different Dicot Farm staff going to each pick up site, email is the best way to communicate with us. We are not able to respond to calls or texts as quickly and are not able to call or text with CSA reminders.

Dicot Farm will send a reminder email (via MailChimp) the day before your pick up so please make sure you add to your email contacts so our emails go to your inbox and not your promotions or spam folders!

Pick up locations and days/times

You will pick up at the same location all season long. Note that all locations require adherence to Covid-19 social distancing and mask requirements. Members not following Covid-19 protocol will not be able to pick up their share.

Pick up days and times vary by location. Please see below for details. If you are a biweekly member, please refer to the email you received in April noting whether you are Week A or Week B. Click on the link below for detailed schedules:

If you are unable to find that email from April, please check with us at

Please plan to pick up within the times listed below. We are a small farm with a small labor force and we keep a pretty tight schedule. Staff have just enough time to set up and be ready at the opening time and are instructed to pack up at the closing time even if there are still shares to be picked up.

Bowling Green Farm12875 Edelen Road, Bryantown, MD, 20617Wednesday4pm-7pm
Waldorf Farmers Market10400 O’Donnell Pl, Waldorf, Maryland 20603Saturday9am-1pm
Greenbelt Farmers Market25 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770Sunday10am-2pm

Weeks off

Given the intense and extreme weather we usually experience in mid to late summer, Dicot Farm will be taking 2 weeks off (one A week, one B week) from CSA at some point, most likely in August. The share prices take these off weeks into account (i.e., you will not pay for them). We will inform you about a week in advance so you can make other veggie purchasing plans! Over the last few years, we’ve realized we need this break so that we don’t break!

Date/time conflicts

If you have to miss your scheduled pick up, please let us know at As long as you let us know in advance, you can double up your share the following week (for weekly members), pick it up the following week (for biweekly members), or choose to donate it (which Dicot Farm will do for you).

If you do not let us know in advance that you are going to miss your pick up, you will forfeit your share that week.

Veggie selection

Each share contains approximately 6-8 items each time you pick up. Depending on the week and weather (which has a huge impact on what grows well and what we can harvest!), we’ll include a certain set of veggies but also offer options for you to select from so you can pick your favorites. Two to three days before your pick up day, we’ll send you an email with a link to a form that you can fill out within 24 hours to let us know your vegetable preferences for that week.

However, if you don’t want to have to choose and just want to be surprised, that’s fine – you’ll be able to ignore the form and we’ll assemble a share for you.

Pick up process

When you arrive at your pick up location, please make sure to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other customers and Dicot Farm staff and wear a mask. Let the Dicot Farm staff know your first and last name and we will place your prepacked share on the table at the front of our tent. You may then pick up your bag(s). If you would like to bring your own larger bags to put the share into, we encourage you to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone else pick up my share for me?

Yes! We appreciate if you let us know in advance but if someone shows up and knows your name, we will trust that they have your permission to pick up your share. Please share the link to this webpage with them so they have the logistics info on pick up.

What will I get in my share?

Each share contains approximately 6-8 items each time you pick up. Depending on the week and weather (which has a huge impact on what grows well and what we can harvest!), we’ll include a certain set of veggies but also offer options for you to select from so you can pick your favorites.

A sample share in the summer could include cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant, okra, summer squash, cucumbers, and basil.

A sample share in the fall or spring could include pea shoots, lettuce, hakurei turnips, purple daikon radishes, cabbage, kale, and dill.

For more details on what you’re likely to get each month, download our harvest calendar!

Will I be able to use up all the veggies in my share each week? + I don’t want to waste anything. + My children/spouse/roommate are picky eaters!

Most of our veggies have a shelf life of at least a week – some items keep in great quality for several weeks – so using up the veggies over the course of two weeks is not a problem.

We also don’t want veggies to go to waste, so we will provide you with storage tips to help your veggies last as long as possible, recipes for how to use the different veggies, and ideas for preserving for future use. One of the biggest benefits of buying local produce is that it hasn’t been shipped across the country or sat in storage for who knows how long. We harvest almost everything for your share the day before you pick up, so you’re already set up to have veggies that last as long as possible!

As for picky eaters, we think they often haven’t had really fresh and delicious veggies prepared in the best ways possible! We’ve had many a customer say things like, “My husband never liked [insert any veggie], but after eating Dicot Farm’s [veggie], he loves it!” That doesn’t mean that everyone will eventually love okra, but they should try the best quality okra you can get before making up their minds. We are always happy to chat more with you about how to use certain products at the CSA pick up. If you haven’t yet downloaded Dicot Farm’s 5 Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies, you can do so here!

When will I get my microgreens share if I signed up for one?

If you are picking up at Bowling Green Farm and signed up for a Leafcutter Farm microgreens share along with your veggie share, we will have the microgreens ready for you when you pick up your veggies at our tent.

Can I visit Dicot Farm?

It is logistically difficult to host visitors at our farm. Our long narrow driveway doesn’t allow for two-way traffic and we have very limited parking space. Plus, when we are on the farm we are usually working pretty hard to grow your veggies and showing visitors around can really affect how much farmwork we’re able to get done. So for now, we ask that you do not come to the farm but we do ask that you follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can virtually see our farm in action!

However, we hope to host a few CSA member-only days in the fall where we might be able to do a Dicot Farm tour and CSA share pick up on our farm instead of your regular locations. A lot of this also depends on the evolving state of COVID-19 but we hope we’ll be able to offer something by fall 2021. We will keep all CSA members posted!


Please email us at with any questions!